About Tony

I have always enjoyed taking the odd holiday snaps and over the years had a number of film cameras, but they cost money to use and so my photography interest never really took off. Then came digital, and like many other people, I found a renewed interest in taking photographs. The next step came when Cathy – my wife – decided that she had had enough photographs taken of her and that I needed more of an interest, so she enrolled us both into Chichester Camera Club. 2008 was when I bought my first DSLR – a Canon 400D, and I soon went on to the Canon 50D, then the much accredited Canon 7D. Early 2013 I changed direction and bought one of the new Olympus OMD EM5 cameras complete with lenses. This took up just a fraction of my 7D outfit space and weight. I no longer own a DSLR camera, and actually don't miss it - I can carry my outfit with me now quite easily.

A few successes (and failures) here and there eventually encouraged me to try for my first Royal Photographic Society distinction. I achieved the required standard and was awarded a distinction and became a Licentiate Member of the Royal Photography Society in 2009, then in March 2010 I tried for my Associateship distinction, and low and behold the judges liked what I presented. The ARPS panel of images can be seen in my Gallery. I have since also gained a CPAGB.

Since 2010 I have been involved with the management of Chichester Camera Club - having spent two years as Vice Chairman and the latest two years as Chairman. I have now retired from that role and looking at taking a few more photographs.

I struggle to ‘have an eye’ for a photograph, although I think I am becoming better at it. The view held by everyone is that you must find your own style - fine if you can find a style, but I like Architectural Photography, especially the insides of Cathedrals, and tend to take what I see, emphasising the vastness and beauty of these superb places. I tend to take regular photographs of Chichester Cathedral as it is on my doorstep, and also some of my images are used by the Cathedral.

So in my gallery you will find, predominately, views of various cathedrals – mainly around the South of England.

I hope you enjoy.

Tony Hughes - ARPS CPAGB